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ProximaX KYC

ProximaX KYC enables fast and simple end-to-end counterparty onboarding. By using the ProximaX Sirius platform to store and manage sensitive KYC data, it can ensure maximum data security, privacy, with permission-based access.

ProximaX Suite

ProximaX Suite is an enterprise-ready, end-to-end office suite where applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations are now blockchain-powered for superior availability, security and privacy.

ProximaX File It!

ProximaX File It! is a client-based file sharing app that stores and shares files across multiple nodes on the ProximaX Sirius platform.

ProximaX Notes

ProximaX’s equivalent of a note taking tool with the ability to embed images. Files are encrypted for absolute privacy protection.

ProximaX Forensics

ProximaX Forensics is designed to bring about greater efficiencies and data security, thus enabling investigators and scientists to access digital evidence easily, quickly and also store digital evidence securely.

ProximaX Identity

ProximaX Identity is a highly secure verification system for personal information that can be used as a unified source of data across public and private sectors.


Sibernetix Ventures

Sibernetix Ventures provides innovative solutions to enable efficient digital transformation in the area of Trade Facilitation and the Banking & Insurance sectors. It analyses business processes to identify gaps in workflows and business messaging to construct advanced models that are optimum in terms of automation and cost efficiency for its clients.

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of Malaysia was established to reduce industrial accidents and workplace diseases by providing high-quality training, education, examinations, research & development, consultation, and information dissemination.

Artemiz Innovations

Artemiz Innovations is a revolutionary space technology company owning patented IP for the delivery of real-time actionable insights to end users produced by drones, earth imaging satellites and other land-based sensors. It also offers end-to-end data encryption and security as well as analytics services via strategic partners. Customers include aerospace and defence organisations that seek to use their IP, web portal, mobile apps, and data capture infrastructure.

Ministry of Community Development (MOCD)

MOCD is a government ministry in the UAE responsible for achieving the objectives of the Emirates Vision 2021AD where it seeks to strengthen the fabric of her society through family coherence, active society participation and to instil happiness among the Emiratis through public-private partnerships.


CashCart is an online shopping platform complemented with fast delivery and logistics support, and real-time payments. Integrated with blockchain, AI, and IoT, it is an innovative e-marketplace that connects merchants, shoppers, and other members of the global online shopping community.


Pulsifi provides a SaaS AI platform that helps organisations identify, retain and develop great people based on the ideal mix of hard skills and soft traits for each role.

Dragonfly Fintech

Dragonfly Fintech is one of the world’s first e-payment systems powered by blockchain technology and is equipped with a built-in KYC feature. It is scheduled for release in Cambodia in July 2019.


BESC aims to bring in contribution from the masses through crowdfunding to mitigate climate change by investing into energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


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