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The ProximaX Sirius platform consists of multiple servers distributed in a network. It follows a “hub and spoke” design where the core component is the blockchain, or the “hub,” and the other components are service layers, or “spokes”. The service layers consist of P2P and distributed storage, streaming, database, and Supercontract where:

  • All storage, messaging, and transactions are encrypted
  • Streaming includes text, video, and voice data
  • All events are time-stamped in the blockchain
  • Automated business and process executions are conducted through off-chain Supercontract

Additional service layers can be added to ProximaX Sirius to offer more functionalities. These layers may be anything from specialized services such as artificial intelligence to distributed computing for genome sequencing.

With the expansion of service layers, however, the performance of individual layers remain unaffected. This is similar to multiple sets of network server nodes running in parallel and held together by the blockchain at the core. Each set of network nodes performs a specific function, and the function power grows with more server nodes plugged in.

Sirius Platform Layers

Sirius Chain

An advanced enterprise blockchain with built-in features such as multilayer-multisig, pull transactions, aggregated transactions, and cross-chain ability to power advanced solutions.

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Sirius Storage

A blockchain-enabled distributed file sharing system where enterprises can store and share files seamlessly throughout the world.

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Executable off-chain digital contracts to automate business processes, minimize errors, and maximize efficiency.

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Sirius Stream

A resilient streaming infrastructure to handle mission-critical data streaming with near-zero downtime.

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Dev Portal

Ready to dive in? Get up and running quickly with guides, samples, and references in our developer center.

BC Docs Storage Docs

SDKs & Tools

Our SDKs and tools will help you easily integrate the ProximaX Sirius platform and build your applications.

SDKs Faucet Wallet

Blockchain Explorer

Use our browser to explore blocks, addresses, and transactions on the Sirius chain.


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Roadmap 2022





  • Fast Finality
  • Remote Delegated Validating - allows validation using someone else’s node by delegating funds
  • Metadata v2 – major upgrade
  • Supports SHA2 signatures for better compatibility with other chains
  • Implementation of verifiable random function (VRF)
  • MaxHarvestingBalance
  • Staking
  • Sirius Digital Asset (SDA) levy
  • Direct SDA to SDA exchange
  • Fully decentralized with unlimited nodes
  • Tokenomics
  • Replication
  • SDKs & documentation
  • New design using VueJS codebase for future readiness and expansion to include storage, streaming, and Supercontract
SiriusID V2
  • Completion of core development for DIDs & W3C
  • DID registry (DIF Sidetree Protocol)
  • SiriusID mobile app
  • Issuer and verifier application examples
  • Testnet browser app launch - enables game developers to release test games with in-game assets of no real value to gather feedback from gamers before a game is released on mainnet
  • MetX token soft launch and initial airdrop to XPX and XAR holders
  • Finalization of game features and development milestones
  • Development of MetaXar Phase 1 browser app commences
  • Development of MetaXar Phase 1 android app commences


  • Fully decentralized with unlimited nodes
  • Tokenomics
  • SDKs & documentation
  • Partially decentralized, allowing up to 7 nodes
SiriusID V2
  • Credential registry
  • Universal resolver
  • SDKs & documentation
  • Client CLI
  • Launch of Silo - a free cross-platform, cloud based instant messaging service enhanced by blockchain encryption
  • Browser app launch - includes distribution portal for games and marketplace for exchanging a wide variety of game tokens, in addition to XAR (Xarcade native stablecoin)
  • Android app launch
  • Ongoing development of MetaXar Phase 1 browser app
  • Ongoing development of MetaXar Phase 1 android app


  • Fully decentralized with unlimited nodes
  • Tokenomics
  • SDKs & documentation
  • MetaXar Phase 1 browser app launch
  • MetaXar Phase 1 android app launch


ProximaX Sirius has a multidimensional inner economy, where XPX is used to pay for services and power the blockchain. Internal non-tradable service units — storage, streaming, Supercontract, and content review — are used to power communication protocols between the node actors. This approach facilitates the future expansion of the platform by making it possible to add new types of services.

ProximaX Sirius Whitepaper V2 Download PDF

ProximaX Delegated Validation System


Validators earn rewards for securing the network by running nodes.


Rewards depend on wealth and age (Proof of Stake) and requested fees (Proof of Greed).


Anyone can delegate XPX directly from their wallets to Validators.


Users can then enjoy rewards without giving up control of their XPX tokens.

Platform Users

Xarcade is a video game distribution/exchange platform that both game developers and gamers can use.


Can I lose my funds?

Yes, if you don’t save your private key in a safe place (hardware wallet, piece of paper, engraved in metal, etc). We are not responsible for the loss of any account. Save Your Private Keys!

Why is the first block (block 1/genesis block) created in 2016?

The development of Catapult started at around this time. We have decided to maintain the epoch time set by the core developers in the original code. This is to reflect the development time taken until the creation of the first mainnet launch using the Catapult technology. The second block is the official start time of the Sirius mainnet.

Finally, we would like to pay tribute to the core developers for their contribution to the technology: Jaguar0625, Bloody Rookie and Gimre.

For the tech savvy: constexpr auto Epoch_Time = std::chrono::duration<int64_t, std::milli>(1459468800000);

Will it be possible to run ProximaX nodes on a NAS?

Technically, yes or if NAS supports Docker and if the hardware requirements are met, then yes it can be done as well. Sufficient bandwidth is also an important criterion.

Will ProximaX be compatible with Docker or will there be a Docker image available?

There will be a docker image available for each type of peer-to-peer Storage Node.

What is the minimum hardware specifications and download/upload speed needed to run a node? What about the minimum disk space to share?

A good amount of storage and a high bandwidth are prerequisites although the actual quantum is yet to be qualified in detail. However, a decent and adequate streaming speed for a node should be 20/20 Mbps.

In terms of disk space, there is no absolute minimum but the sharing of 1MB is not logical as it will inherit (almost) no rewards.

Is there a minimum XPX needed to run a node?

There is no cost to run it other than the cost to run it as a node in the cloud. As R&D progresses, certain security sensitive services such as directory and node discovery services in ProximaX are expected to require minimum vested amount of XPX to eliminate certain kinds of attacks.

What are the official Telegram channels of ProximaX?

A full list of our telegram channels can be found at https://github.com/Sateetje/awesome-proximax-telegram

Where can I find the latest news?

https://blog.proximax.io/ or https://t.me/Proximaxionews

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