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About XPX

XPX is the native currency of the ProximaX Sirius ecosystem and developer platform. Network contributors and solution providers need XPX to pay for the platform’s multiple services such as blockchain storage, streaming, and Supercontracts. ProximaX’s tokenomics is extensive. It demonstrates for the first time that any service from storage to conference calls and payments can be provided for a fee. Stable currencies can also be included in the future to expand the services beyond the ProximaX realm and attract a broader user base while still maintaining XPX as the anchor and native currency.

Disclaimer: ProximaX does not provide investment or advisory advice and will have no liability for the use or interpretation of information stated in this website or any other communication medium. We bear no responsibility for losses arising from trading on exchanges where XPX is listed. ProximaX encourages all to exercise prudence and trade responsibly within their own means.

ProximaX Sirius Wallet Beta

Use the ProximaX Sirius Wallet Beta to swap your existing XPX tokens from NIS1 to the ProximaX Sirius blockchain

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