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Sirius Storage

A distributed file sharing environment on the ProximaX Sirius platform for node operators and developers to utilize unused disk space for optimum file storage and sharing.

Features of Sirius Storage

Reliable & Resilient

Files stored on Sirius Storage are distributed and stored as redundant shards across nodes. This eliminates any single point of failure and ensures maximum uptime that conventional cloud solutions may not be able to provide.

Highly Secure

Encryption technology, replication, and verification protocols ensure all files remain secure, integrated, and authentic.

Completely Private

Sirius Storage encrypts, shards, and distributes your data across a network of nodes, making it virtually unhackable. You have complete ownership and control over your data through your private keys, which no unauthorized party nor prying eye can access.

Flexible & Easy To Use

The Sirius Storage architecture makes it easy for developers, system integrators, and businesses to leverage distributed technology and customize storage solutions that suit individual needs without in-depth knowledge about blockchain.


A superior smart contract solution unique to the Sirius platform, where self-executing logic is located off-chain in the Sirius Storage layer. Authorized parties can quickly and easily stop, amend, and restart a Supercontract upon reaching a consensus.

Competitive Pricing

Free market principles based on supply and demand provide fair pricing for all.

Get paid to contribute storage

Contribute your extra disk space and get paid based on demand and supply.

Participate in Sirius Storage

Storage Director Node

A Storage Director Node (“SDN”) is part of the Sirius Storage Node function used to store transient files or to stage files to be distributed to Replicators for more permanent storage. Replicators can only accept files sent from SDNs. An SDN and a Replicator can be likened to RAM and HDD in a typical computer. Any storage service will require a developer to use an SDN to provide a transparent service to users.

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Storage Replicator Node

Sirius Storage Replicator (“SRNs”) are the network’s backbone and directly impact the infrastructure’s resiliency. An SRN is a component within a Storage Node (“SN”) that ensures that storage service is reliable. An SRN also plays the role of a verifier, where it identifies other non-performing replicators.

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Supercontract Executor

Another role of an SN is that of a Supercontract Executor (“SE”). When initiated, the SE fetches a Supercontract from a replicator and executes a contract. The process is that a developer needs to write a WASM contract (RUST and TS SDK available). The developer deploys the contract to Sirius Storage.

Storage Replicators then replicate the contract. Upon a contract execution command, a consensus mechanism selects an available Sirius Storage node to execute the contract. The execution result is recorded on-chain.

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For Developers

  • Industry-grade encryption, consensus protocols, and cross-block verification ensure that data integrity and traceability are inherent in your solutions.
  • Data can easily be stored, accessed, and managed via APIs using REST or SDKs.
  • Supports mainstream platforms.
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For Storage Operators

  • Make your unused disk space work for you.
  • Participate by contributing disk space to our network and earn incentives.
  • Join us in the Web3 revolution and be part of history in the making.
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For Businesses

  • Protection from data breaches and outages.
  • High privacy and secure access.
  • Fast speeds through P2P technology and replicated data.
  • Economies of scale and lower costs of storage.
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