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Sirius Chain

Blockchain platform for private, public, hybrid, and consortia networks

Build highly scalable and reliable blockchain solutions that offer data immutability and confidentiality.

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What Makes Sirius Chain Different

Enterprise-Ready Blockchain

Our proprietary Sirius Chain lies at the core of the ProximaX Sirius platform. It records, time stamps, and manages transactions for all services on the platform. These services consist of peer-to-peer (P2P) and distributed storage, streaming, database, and Supercontract layers. Other layers can also be added to the Sirius Chain without affecting its high throughput.

Efficient & Easy to Integrate

Sirius Chain enables users to develop and integrate a wide range of application and system solutions. The API layers and SDKs on the Sirius platform make the development and integration process simple, quick, and cost-efficient. It is trusted by industry leaders to build cutting-edge solutions that can disrupt their business processes.

Advanced Features

Sirius Chain modifies and redefines the capabilities of the traditional blockchain networks. It is a multilevel and multi-signatory chain, which makes it an ideal fit for enterprise usage. Besides, Sirius Chain is interoperable with other blockchain networks and it allows users to create and customize their own tokens.

For Developers
& Solution Architects

Develop solutions that are resilient and built to support and carry out the most complex business operations

  • Best-in-class encryption technology, consensus protocols, and cross-block verification ensure data integrity and traceability in your solutions.
  • SDKs and APIs using REST allow to easily store, access, and manage data.
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For Enterprises

Create steadfast enterprise-grade applications and solutions on an all-in-one platform that offers:

  • Security and reliability: Decentralized infrastructure that is secure and safeguards applications against network outages and data loss.
  • Flexibility and extensibility: Easily implement advanced features and services into applications without compromising performance.
  • Speed and scalability: Scale applications across multiple chains and systems with the same high speed and throughput.
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Node Operators

Secure the network using Proof of Stake (wealth and age) and Proof of Greed (fee requested) and earn rewards

  • Validator nodes earn rewards for collecting transactions from a transaction pool and adding new blocks to the chain.
  • Validator verifier nodes earn rewards for confirming the authenticity of the validated transactions and replacing faulty nodes.
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Learn How Sirius Technology Can Boost Your Business

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